I have a deep passion for bike riding that stems from my early days in my art career. I remember packing up my small paintings & art prints into my backpack, getting on my bike, and riding off to the post office to drop off some orders for my collectors. Over time, my love for bike riding has grown beyond just a means of getting from one place to another. It became another source of inspiration for my art. Whether I’m riding through the neighborhood, or on a nature trail, I always seem to come across something that brings me new ideas for art projects. In this work of art, I visualize myself finally starting my new life in the place of my dreams, New York City. One of the first things I decide to do, is hop on a Citi bike and begin exploring the neighborhoods around me. While riding and enjoying my day, I recall the times when I used to ride daily to drop off art orders at the post office. It’s a full circle moment realizing how significant bike riding was for my art career. As I continued my ride, I found myself filled with new ideas for my art. The city was a never ending source of inspiration. I look forward to waking up early to ride to Central Park, where I can find a nice peaceful spot on the lawn to lay down and create some art. These days are coming, and it’s all thanks to my art, and those who wish to be apart of this creative journey with me.
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