Spending time with nature has always been my favorite form of escapism. Being surrounded by trees and observing the beauty around me has helped me stay balanced in life when I needed it most. The next time you are worried or stressing about imperfections in your life, take a hike. No, seriously, take a hike and look around. Notice all the different shapes and colors around you. Some trees might be larger, thicker, smaller, and older than others. You might even run into some that have snapped and broke apart. What about the leaves you see around you? On one tree you might see colorful shaped leaves, while on another tree it can be filled with dried up leaves and ripped ends. But when you zoom out and view the forest and landscape as a whole, you can see this one big beautiful work of art in front of you. Nature helps me stay balanced. It allows me to appreciate the present moment. Being out here teaches me so much about myself & helps me love who I am all over again. Nature brings you home.
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