Our lives are like movies. The dreams we have where we visualize ourselves in a higher place are real. I like to view these dreams as our life trailers. They were instilled into our brains for us to take action on. The moment we visualize being able to accomplish something, that is our sign to go after it. This piece is for all the dreamers out there who feel so close to everything they've ever wished for.
I am a firm believer that I will be a successful artist living in NYC. I titled this piece, "You're On The Right Track" because I truly believe that all of the hard work I am putting in is paying off behind the scenes. The foundation that I have built is strong. In this scene, the figure is on a train. The view looking out of the window is the beautiful city of New York. My goal was to create a welcoming scene that said, "You're so close, keep going..." A sign like this is what motivates me and keeps me hungry.
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